EV Retro-Fit Unit

Price on request

  • The EV Retro-Fit Unit is uniquely designed to fit onto any existing street lighting.
  • This Mode 3, EV charge-point offers a flexible and secure Fast-Charge.
  • Available with either a 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2kW) supply; compatible with any our access options.
  • 1 x IEC 62196 (Type 2) charging socket with hatch lock
  • 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2kW) single phase, Fast-Charge
  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 compliant
  • Built-in 30 mA DC sensitive protective switchgear
  • Built-in LED status indicator
  • Compliant with all EVs and PHEVs
  • Full operating instruction panel on every unit
  • Branding optional
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • CE Certified