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All our chargers have been carefully selected to offer customers the best experience, fulfilling all the essential requirements needed to charge your EV. Explore our range of chargers for sale.

Here in the UK almost all EV’s use the type 2 socket. This can cater for all kinds of charging. We sell conversations and can provide all types of socket if needed.

You can pay by either credit or debit Bacs transfer.

All of the domestic chargers we install have O-PEN protection built-in. This negates the need for an earth rod (or any additional boxes) when fitting your charging unit at your home. These devices meet the latest wiring regulations in place and is part of our standard installation package which covers the majority of homes in the UK.

We do, and you can find our T&Cs here.

The price on the website is only a guide all houses are different and until our free survey quote takes place we can’t price for things like length of cable or advise on the best kind of charger for you depending on your electrical set up.

Our website prices are starting at. We provide a free survey, making sure the power of your EV charging doesn’t keep tripping your fuse box and cause you loads of problems and discomfort.

Fill in your details here and one of our team will be in touch to arrange a free survey to take place making it possible to deliver an accurate quote.

Home Charging

We provide a free survey for every job to ensure all aspects are covered, nothing can go wrong, and all parts are covered in our quote, so no extra expense will crop up.

Commercial & Community Charging

We provide a team of qualified electricians to install all charging solutions to a high standard.

Providing a tailored experience & top quality products